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The Metropolitan Brasserie’s Duck Poutine

Shredded duck, triple cream brie and foie-gras gravy (what? who knew such a thing even existed??) make up this insanely decadent and literally heart stoppingly tasty poutine.   It can be found at the The Metropolitan Brasserie; a gorgeous, lively and delicious french restaurant in downtown Ottawa, which also happens to be right up the street from work. For this reason it often gets picked for after work drinks and celebrations.  Recently I was there for a coworker’s going away party and decided it was a perfect time to try this poutine creation I’d been eying and dreaming about for a few months now.

It was beyond rich, with a very generous chunk of triple cream brie and enough of that foie-gras gravy to generously coat the crispy fries.  So rich in fact that I actually shared and still couldn’t finish it.  It’s not something I could eat regularly but I’m glad I tried it because what I did eat was downright delectable.  Everything I love about poutine, but fancier!

Metropolitan Brasswerie

Metropolitan Brasserie

Yes, that is a giant hunk of brie on top.


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Elgin Street Diner

This pile of heart attack comes from the Elgin Street Diner, a 24-hour diner around the corner from my place, with solid food and consistent fast and friendly service.  It’s dangerous to live so close to a place like this….Their four cheese poutine is a wonder.  It fills an entire styrofoam take-out container with shoestring fries, smoothered with a rich mushroom based gravy, and four delightful cheeses, including squeaky cheese of course 🙂 It’s also really salty, and reeeeeally bad for you, but every now and then it’s a requirement!

Four Cheese Poutine

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