Fried Shallots & Shallot Oil

I got a gorgeous Burmese cook book for Christmas last year, and as I read through it I realized that fried shallots are a staple in Burmese cooking; they show up everywhere from salads, to fried rice, to soups, to vegetable side dishes, etc. etc. etc.  I would also recommend adding them to burgers, sandwiches, steaks and Drunken Soba Noodles. 🙂 As an added bonus, when you make these you also get a good amount of flavoured shallot oil!  This stuff has come in handy countless times.  It really takes sauces and salad dressings up a notch.  And it keeps forever so I’m loving having both these things stocked in the pantry!

Frying shallots

Frying shallots

The thing to remember about making these is to use a medium-low, steady heat.  You don’t want to burn them to a crisp, but just take on a nice golden brown colour and retain some of that onion-y flavour.

Fried Shallots

Fried Shallots

Don’t forget to strain the oil into a jar and stash it in your pantry!

Fried Shallots & Shallot Oil

Fried Shallots & Shallot Oil

Fried Shallots & Shallot Oil Recipe

1 cup peanut oil
2 cups thinly sliced shallots

  1. Place a skillet or wok over medium-high heat  and add the oil.  Toss in a slice of shallot.  As the oil heats, it will rise to the surface, sizzling lightly.  When it’s reached the surface, add the rest of the shallots (carefully, so the oil doesn’t splash you) and lower the heat to medium.
  2. Stir gently and frequently with a long handled wooden spoon.  If they start to brown within the first 5 minutes, lower the heat a little more.  After about 10 minutes they should start to colour.  Continue to cook, stirring occasionally to prevent them from sticking to the pan or to each other, until they have turned golden brown, another 3 minutes or so.
  3. Line a plate with paper towel and use tongs or slotted spoon to lift shallots out of the pan onto the plate. Blot gently to dry.  Separate any clumps and let them air dry 5 to 10 minutes so they crisp up and cool.
  4. Transfer the shallots to sealed container and keep in your pantry.  Once the oil has cooled completely, cover tightly and store in a cool dark place.

From: Burma.  Rivers of Flavour


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