Meet The Admiral!

The Admiral is my 30 year old (at least) oven that just doesn’t quit.  Since I’m a renter in downtown Ottawa, this oven came with my 100 year old apartment and is far from state of the art.  But it never lets me down.  Well, not usually. And as someone who loves everything about food; cooking it, eating it, staring at beautiful pictures of it, I really appreciate its resolve, and everything it has ever helped me create.

The Admiral will be a gateway for all kinds of food:  homemade, restaurant prepared, dishes prepared by family and friends, and maybe even the occasional guest star. Basically anything that tastes delicious will find a home somewhere on this blog.

Dig In!

The Reliable and Stylish Admiral

The Reliable and Stylish Admiral


7 responses to “Meet The Admiral!

  1. I love this back story!!!

  2. Marie-Pierre

    You go Admiral ! Quelle histoire adorable et bravo pour la photo du haut, ça le représente d’un angle idéal.

  3. Katherine

    I am lovin’ your recipes. Lucky admiral to be the vessel for delicious stuff!!

  4. Ruvini

    Kate, had I known you were such an excellent cook, I would’ve hit this blog up soonger to get recipes. Like the rationale behind the name too!

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