Benny’s Bistro

I love everything about Benny’s Bistro.  It’s tucked away in the back of the top notch French Baker in downtown Ottawa and serves the wonderful things the bakery produces along side expertly prepared breakfast and brunch food.   It’s all in the details at this place.  Take the regular old two egg breakfast; at Benny’s, this includes FRESH, amazing bread and butter, a hit of nutrients with the side green salad, the best potato and bacon hash you can imagine, and eggs cooked to absolute perfection.  Nothing but love for this place 🙂

Two eggs with toast, crispy smoked bacon and fingerling potato hash

I got the inspiration for my stuffed french toast recipe from Benny’s.  I always love their changing menu;  I’ve never once been disappointed!  The french toast on this particular visit was made with baked-fresh-that-morning-absolutely-perfect-baguette (obviously), and topped with fresh fruit, maple syrup and an crunchy oat crumble.  WOW.

French toast with fresh fruit and maple syrup

The only challenge with Benny’s is trying to walk through the bakery on your way out and not leave with a giant bag of pastries.  Not really a huge problem in my books!



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3 responses to “Benny’s Bistro

  1. Those two are nice to have breakfast

  2. oh my that place looks incredible! In TO you have to go to Bonjour Brioche – delicious little french breakfast place.

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