Black Cat Bistro

Hidden away among the endless pizza and pasta places in Little Italy (not that there’s anything wrong with that), is Black Cat Bistro.  A warm and modern restaurant with excellent bistro fare on the menu, where I recently got to have dinner for a friends birthday 🙂

Right away I was impressed by the simple bread and butter.  The bread was soft and fresh, and the butter had brown sugar or something sweet mixed in….whatever it was, I wanted to eat it by the spoonful.

(Sorry for the dark pictures folks, the restaurant was dark-ish and my little iphone did the best it could. )

Bread and Brown Sugar Butter

The arugula and chicken confit salad.  An appetizer, apparently.

Arugula, roasted almonds, pears,  cheese & sherry shallot vinaigrette

Arugula  w/ Chicken Confit Salad

The tuna carpaccio was another appetizer.  I didn’t try it, but I do know that there was radishes, jalapenos and wasabi mayo involved. There also wasn’t any left on the plate!

Albacore Tuna Carpaccio

For the main course, this is the much sought after burger.   It’s only available from Tuesday to Thursday for some reason.  Maybe because it’s so popular? Anyways, we were there on a Wednesday. Phew.

And this may be the reason why it’s so sought after:  smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, secret sauce, pomme frites, pickles & truffle mayo.

Four or five people at the table ordered this and the reviews were unanimously cleaned plates!

Black Cat Bistro’s Burger

I chose the truffle chicken for my main.  There were actually truffles stuffed underneath the crispy chicken skin.  Combined with the fact that the chicken itself was ultra juicy, and that it was served on top of parsnip purée, kale and a bunch of other yummy veggies, this chicken was pretty much perfect!

Black Cat Bisrto’s Truffle Chicken

My neighbour had the BC Halibut….no complaints!


The steak from the steak frites was juicy and charbroiled…mouthwateringly good.  A little peppercorn bordelaise never hurt anyone either.

Steak Frites

Here is the frites part of the steak frites.  Sage frites to be exact. They were hot, crispy and perfectly seasoned. I could have eaten a whole bunch of these.

Sage Frites

Obviously there was dessert.  The presentation of this s’mores dessert made me giggle, because I am a child, but it also had many many delicious flavours and texture combinations.  Chocolate, homemade marshmallow, caramel,  banana-almond ice cream and Oreo soil 🙂

Rocky Road

More dessert!  Happy Birthday vanilla creme brulée!

Happy Birthday Creme Brulée



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