Chipotle Turkey Bacon Sandwiches

My holiday indulgence and over-eating definitely extends to the week between Christmas and New Years.  Hence, the turkey sandwich on giant french bread with bacon, cheese and chipotle mayo I made for dinner tonight. Oh, and avocado.  There may also have been some fries on the side. A holiday glutton’s dream.  And an easy and delcious way to use leftover turkey that your in-laws send home with you 😉

These sandwiches were totally worth the pain I caused a stranger at the grocery store, when I grabbed the last loaf of french bread right before he went in for it.  He told me he was going for it too….I laughed awkwardly and slowly backed away with the bread in my basket…I know it’s Christmas and all and I could have let him have it…..but I had chipotle turkey bacon sandwiches to make!!  And, I’m cautiously optimistic that if the stranger had a chance to try these sandwiches, he would agree that the precious boxing day french bread went to a good home.

Sidenote:  I was half expecting the bread guy to chase me down the street and try to steal it from me, much like the infamous marble rye Seinfeld episode.  But I managed to make it home unscathed after all.

Here is how I put it to use:

Turkey Bacon Club ingredients

Lightly toast the bread and pile on the toppings.

Add some fries for a well rounded holiday meal.

Toasted Turkey Bacon Sandwiches

Chipotle Turkey Bacon Sandwiches Recipe

Leftover Turkey
Old Cheddar Cheese
Chipotle Mayo (Equal parts puréed chipotle peppers in adobo and mayonnaise, mixed)
Crusty, fresh bread

1.  Lightly toast the bread and cover one side of each piece with chipotle mayo.  Pile on the rest of the toppings and eat.


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