Simple Super Sliders

This is greasy comfort food at its best.  Tiny salty, beefy, steamy, melt-y, onion-y burgers.  These require very few ingredients and are straightforward to make.  It’s the combination of simple flavours that makes these so delicious;  although if you were feeling ambitious you could serve them with fried onion strings.  Nobody loses in either situation!

So get all your ingredients ready and form the beef into small patties – a few tablespoons worth.  Indent the top of the burgers with your thumb – I forget why we do this, but that’s how I was taught!

Slider Prep

After sprinkling generously with kosher salt, place the patties in a medium-hot frying pan, and smoosh some thinly sliced onions onto the top.  Cover and cook for a few minutes, until very little pink remains.

Sliders cookin' up

Flip the burgers so the onions can get crispy, and then add the processed cheese.  It’s melty plastic flavour gets me every time.

Melty Sliders

Then add the buns so that they get steamy and soft and delectable, and the cheese melts and binds everything together in glorious burger harmony!

Slider Buns

It’s finally time to sink your teeth into these mini beauties 🙂

Greasy, Delicious Sliders

I’m certain there are more appropriate buns you could use for these, but these ones were cheap, and I love how soft they get when heated up a bit.  Besides, fancy buns might ruin these.  The common everyday ingredients are what make these so tasty!

Simple Super Sliders

Simple Super Sliders Recipe

1 lb high quality medium ground beef
Kosher salt
1/2 white onion, thinly sliced
Processed cheese slices, broken into ¼ sections
Soft white hamburger buns
Canola oil as needed

1.    Form beef into small patties using 3 – 4 tbsp ground beef.  Indent top of patties with your thumb and sprinkle surface of burger generously, with salt.
2.    Heat oil in grill or frying pan, and place burgers in hot pan and smoosh a few thinly slices onion into each patty.  Cover and cook over medium-high for a few minutes, until hardly any pink remains in the burger.
3.    Flip burgers so onions get a chance to get fry and place processed cheese on top.  Place the bottom half of the bun on the burger, and the top half on top of that, face up.  This allows the entire bun to get steamy.  Cover and cook a few more minutes, until no more pink remains.
4.    Slide spatula under burgers and remove top half of bun.  Place bun on the underside of the burger and serve!


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