Birthday Celebration Food!

I rarely pass up an opportunity to celebrate something by eating delicious food.  My birthday is no different.  And although I forgot to take pictures of my birthday dinner with friends at Ceylonta (it was great by the way), I took lots of pics of my birthday celebration dinner with my family.  Recipes to come!

There was all kinds of deliciousness, starting with a cocktail called “The Sunburst” from the Fall 2011 Food and Wine magazine from the LCBO.  I wish I’d gotten a picture that showed the star anise better – it was such an unique garnish, and was a great compliment to the other flavours.  But what can I say, I was more focused on consuming than photographing in this case.  My older brother did a great job of whipping these up – unusual ingredient alert:  Apricot Jam! They were so good, I’ll definitely be making them again.

Note the awesome moustache glasses – I picked these up off Etsy last Christmas!

The Sunburst

Let’s take a look at the whole spread.  Such a colourful table!  MMMMMMM  Pho Bo!

Hungry family digging in!

Don’t forget the wine!

Birthday Feast

There were rice paper wraps to satisfy my never-ending craving!  There are just so many fresh flavours and textures in these.  And putting peanut sauce right on the wrap is also a must.   DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP!!  The rice paper can be tricky, but the trick is to dunk them in warm water right before you use them.  Otherwise they get tougher to work with, and don’t taste as good.

Rice Paper Wraps

And then there was pho of course!

Delicious Dinner Pho Sho!

Don’t forget about the cake!  My younger brother, Drew, killed this one.  He made buttered almond cake which is definitely my favourite cake of all time. Yup, favourite.  It’s sweet, smooth and nutty flavour put it above all other cakes for me!  (I promise to post the recipe soon.)  Check out this thing of beauty:

Buttered Almond Cake

It was a double decker!

Double Decker Buttered Almond Cake

Happy Birthday to me indeed!



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3 responses to “Birthday Celebration Food!

  1. Jill Kropf

    what an amazing meal!

  2. Teej Beeferd

    I made it onto the Admiral! Pho sho!

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