So Good

I had a craving for Chinese food after a long day at work last week – although who am I kidding, I always have a craving for Chinese.  Anyways, I indulged said craving with some takeout from So Good, and as usual, it filled the hunger void superbly. So Good lives up to it’s name once again!

This is the dish that keeps me coming back to this place – Wu See Chicken.  They also offer Wu See Vegetables which are equally amazing, and include delicious fried tofu.  Wu See is a slightly spicy and pretty much perfect peanut sauce.  The texture is excellent, and a little bit creamy.  And it’s been amazing every single time I’ve ordered it over the past 6 or so years.  So Good is so consistent!

Wu See Chicken

As I’ve said before, the best crispy beef I’ve ever tasted was from a restaurant that closed in Toronto’s Chinatown.  But this crispy beef is definitely helping soothe the sting of that loss 😉

So Good

They don’t look particularly exciting, but you have to order them!  Chicken Balls!

Chicken Balls

Above average spring rolls too – greasy and flavourful.

Spring Rolls

And of course, standard steamed rice…

Steamed Rice

And standard fluorescent sauces…delightful!

Delicious Mystery Sauces

All of these combined equals a delightfully gluttonous experience 🙂

So Good Platter


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  1. Tricia

    LOVE IT!!!!! Now I have a craving that will survive until July.

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