Play Food and Wine

This night out to Play Food and Wine for a friend’s birthday was such a treat.  I’ve been there once before (with said friend, actually – we share a common food obsession), and stuffed myself into a deeply satisfied food coma.  This visit was no different. Although I acted like a rookie and didn’t bring a huge appetite to dinner with me that night, so I was only able to sample two of their many tantalizing small plates.

I also must say that I love the way the food is presented on the menu – it only lists the ingredients, no unnecessary adjectives – straight to the point!  For example, here is the beef tartare / dijon / capers / bacon aioli / chips.

My neighbour ordered this dish, and kindly allowed me to take a picture, even though I’d just met her, haha.    I didn’t actually taste this dish, but her review was that the beef was slightly underwhelming.  I guess the chips were amazing though, and it wasn’t so bad that she didn’t clean the plate 🙂

Note:  The lighting in the restaurant was too dim for my little point and shoot camera to handle.  The photos are dark, but you still get the idea 🙂

beef tartare / dijon / capers / bacon aioli / chips

My first dish was cauliflower and corn soup with cheese biscuits and herb oil.  It was excellent and really hearty, so great value as far as small plates go.  But I didn’t really account for the heartiness, and it only left me with room for one other dish!  I would have loved to try a few more (like the ridiculous looking gnocchi), but there just wasn’t any space!  Another rookie move!


cauliflower & corn soup / cheese biscuits / herb oil

Another neighbour let me photograph her mussels too.  The word is they were also top notch!

PEI mussels/ chorizo / smoked tomato / arugula / lemon

My last dish of the night was the dizzying pork belly.  The pork had amazing flavour and melted in your mouth, and the grilled peaches were a sweet and juicy compliment. All the flavours in this one worked perfectly together, and it was expertly prepared.  A dream 🙂

pork belly / almond / cabbage / red currant / grilled peach

No room for the pavlova or lavender creme brulée this time, but next time I’ll go hungry and I won’t order the soup!!


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  1. Wendy Beresford

    This place sounds so different. The choices, though, make me hungry and I just had supper. Another must try in Ottawa. Mom

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