Greek Fest is always a summer highlight for me.  There is lots of entertainment and things to do, but really it’s the food that keeps me coming back every year.  The food is DIVINE.  Sent down to earth from some wonderful greek god.  They have a great selection of gyros, pitas, meats, tzatziki, salads etc, and this year they even had saganaki!!! (Let’s have a moment of silence for the glory that is fried cheese……)

Embarassingly, I devoured my souvlaki platter before I remembered to take a photo of it ( just imagine light fluffy seasoned greek rice, and juicy, plentiful, perfectly seasoned chicken souvlaki skewers and mouth watering tzatziki….), but I DID remember to take a photo of the best part:  dessert. 

Loukoumades, or “honey balls” to us non-greeks, are sublime little balls of pastry dough that are deep fried and then dunked in a honey syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon.  Although they look a little like Tim-bits, don’t be fooled the taste is far far far superior.  They have a crispy outer crust, and a melt in your mouth flavourful inside.  If you’ve never tried these, you MUST, they are dessert perfection. 


Check out the light and fluffy inside…

Extreme Close up of Loukoumades

The only downside is that they are only available once a year 😦 I guess I’ll just have to start doing some field research and find a greek restaurant that does them as well as greek fest does!  Self-imposed challenge accepted!



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3 responses to “Loukoumades

  1. Rob

    Damn! Was hoping for a recipe for these … 🙂

    • It has occured to me to attempt them….. maybe someday! I’ll have to do a bit of research first, but the idea is definitely there in the back of my mind….Stay tuned.

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