BBQ’d Burritos

BBQ’d Burritos?  I figured that since most things on the BBQ are highly delicious, why not wrap burritos up in tin foil and see what happens when you grill them for a bit.  Turns out they get toasty warm, the cheese gets nice and melty, and it makes for a fresh, wonderful meal.  Especially at the cottage where the BBQ seems to be running most of the time anyways.  I didn’t put the burritos themselves directly on the grill, but I bet if you secured them with a couple of toothpicks and put them on, you could add crispy to the list of adjectives!

I always like meals that you can “build” yourself, like pizzas or tacos.  I get the feeling this might be a kid friendly meal for that reason too….everyone likes to be able to pick their own toppings!

One of many potential toppings…..some nice chicken seasoned and grilled on the BBQ.

Grilled Chicken

Assemble a variety of your favourite burrito toppings and set it up buffet style.  This time around we went with grilled chicken, mexican rice, refried & black beans, grated cheese, sour cream, 2 kinds of salsa (homemade pico de gallo and from a jar) and homemade guacamole.  (Those are veggie versions of BBQ Stuffed Jalapenos in the front!)

Burrito Toppings

Throw your toppings of choice on a tortilla….

Fully Loaded Burrito

Wrap it up in tinfoil, and put it on the BBQ.  Don’t forget to add your name so they don’t get mixed up!

Post BBQ Burritos

Now, grab a beer and take a bite 🙂

BBQ'd Burrito

Serving option #2:  On the deck at the cottage with Stuffed Jalapenos and a big glass of Sangria.  Heaven.

BBQ'd Burritos - cottage style 🙂

BBQ’d Burritos Recipe

Possible Ingredients:

Grilled chicken
Mexican Rice
Refried Beans
Black Beans
Grated Cheese
Sour Cream
Pico de Gallo/Salsa
Sautéed onions and peppers
Grilled veggies
Tortillas (either flour or corn)

1.  Add whatever toppings you like to a tortilla.  Wrap in tinfoil and heat on BBQ for 5 minutes or until gently warmed through.



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