Saucy Sangria

And I do mean SAUCY! This was strooooong.  But refreshing when combined with the strong afternoon beach sun. And I didn’t leave any of the boozy fruit behind either!  It was a great afternoon snack and the leftover fruit helped fancy up a key lime pie at dessert time.  The fruit would be a great topper for most desserts, actually!  (Except maybe a child’s birthday cake.  Your call. )

Put a whole bunch of seasonal fresh fruit into a punch bowl, or pitcher.

Sangria Fruit

Don’t forget to add the booze!  Just a few bottles of wine. And some tequilla too.

Sangria Mixture

After it sits for a few hours (to ensure maximum fruit booziness), serve yourself up a big glass and enjoy!

Saucy Sangria over ice.

The drink that keeps on giving!

Boozy Fruit 🙂

And giving, and giving, and giving…

Boozy Fruit on Key Lime Pie

Saucy Sangria Recipe

3-4 Cups seasonal fresh fruit
1.5 Litres of Red Wine
1.5 Litres of White Wine
½ cup Tequilla
½ cup Triple Sec
½ cup fresh lime juice
1 Cup Sugar

1. Cut up fresh fruit and put into pitcher or punch bowl.

2.  Add remainder of ingredients and refrigerater for 2 + hours before serving.  Serve over ice.


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