Jean Albert’s

Do you like your ribs tender and flavourful?  Do you like your fried chicken juicy with a crispy coating? Your candied yams spiced and sweetened?  Your coleslaw homemade and creamy?  Then you MUST get yourself to Jean Albert’s; an A+ soul food restaurant in Centretown.    I can’t say enough good things about this place – every bite had me mmhmmm-ing.  You can tell everything is home-made,  and they definitely know what they’re doing in this particular home.

These ribs fall off the bone, the sauce is homemade and perfect, and the corn bread, candied yams and mac and cheese side dishes could all stand on their own. But they are also an outstanding complement to the rest of the meal.

BBQ Honey Ribs with Candied Yams and Mac and Cheese

I’d never really had southern fried chicken before eating here, so I didn’t really get what the fuss about.  Now I get it.

Fried Chicken

As a rule, I generally like it when things are smothered on fries.  But I LOVE it when melt in your mouth pork and delicious cheese are smothered on top.   Have a look, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Pork Smothered French Fries

The coleslaw provides a nice veggie balance to the meal, and is creamy and crunchy.  I love that even their coleslaw is amazing.

Creamy Coleslaw

Why are you still sitting at the computer?  Go to Jean Albert’s RIGHT NOW!!!



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2 responses to “Jean Albert’s

  1. Wendy Beresford

    This looks amazing and I thought my supper was pretty good!

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